Llewellyn Reichman was born 1993 in Berlin. She studied acting from 2012 at the renowned acting school "Ernst Busch" in Berlin and received her diploma 2016. Meanwhile she was a member of the performance company "the family" touring at festivals in Oslo, Helsinki, Poland, London and Berlin.

Her TV and Film career started with the movie "Jorinde & Joringel" in 2012. Since then she is represented by the TV & Film agency Spielkind Gmbh and has appeared in several movies.

From 2016 until 2019 she worked for the Hessisches State Theatre in Germany, where she has played leading roles such as Antigone, Elisabeth, Olivia and Nastassja Filippowna.

In 2016 Llewellyn performed in the piece "Gala" by Jerome Bel and in 2018 joined the collective EXIL in Wiesbaden for performance art. There she performed in the play "Hamletmachine" and presented her first own solo-show "Orlando".

Orlando was invited to the "Brustkasten" festival in Hamburg, to YoungUrbanPerformance festival in Osnabrück and 2019 to the "ART+FEMINISM Edit-a-thon" in Munich as well as the "Unframed" Festival in Berlin.

This year she premiered with her second piece "FOOL" at EXIL and performanced at the Vavasati International women's festival in South Africa, the Art Lake Festival in Germany and 186f Kepler in New York.

Llewellyn appeared in the experimental film "T" by Realiter in 2018 and a second film project ( to be announced) was completed in Italy during the summer of this year.

Currently Llewellyn is working together with the artist Simon Hegenberg on a new combined production "Anger".