META 2.0 - An Odyssey

The performative journey is a quest for Homer's economical, ethnical and political myths
as presented in his Odyssey on the high seas.

In doing so the mythological content is to be transcended to the 21. century.

Upon which foundations are the myths which guide our century built?
Which ancient myths disclose fundamental truths?
Which systems still appear to be structurally inalienable?
And what is it we humans must confront in order to cope in the 21st century?

The odyssey META.2.0 is a modern canto. The narratress draws upon Odysseus' adventures and asks how the pre-Christian myths would have appeared like if the hero Odysseus had been a woman.

The conjunctive mood dominates the narrative form; while scrutinising the interpretive realm, the narratress makes herself vulnerable within a web of interconnected answers and interpretation patterns.

The reference to the 21st century raises further imperative questions concerning life, economy and existence.

Along the way the narratress tries to become a heroine of the 21. century while leading herself through the discoveries and adventures of the hero Odysseus. Is there a chance to achieve this under the set conditions of the Greek mythology? And how would the parameters of a heroine look like in our century, if the qualities of an ancient greek hero were to be copied and maintained?

The mythological dimension of heroism is the initial point to enable the analysis of human action and to examine it further in the era of globalization and digitalization.

The ethnic origin of Odysseus, the godlike human, is proof for the narratress that the time has come to record myths in a new way, to rethink them so that we can gain a new experience, so that for the rest of our lives we don't find ourselves repeatedly reproducing the same mechanisms over and over.

A performative concert. An ecstasy. An odyssey that runs on a sound collage which tries to express our everyday life, creates beats, constructed melodies, while our heroine contests her way, paces, plunges, but then stands up again, sets the tone, looses it again, does not triumph, but forces herself to carry on, to conquer the chasm, to receive the world, and not misjudge, to grasp the new era, to take the power to imagine many directions and to start using her own tools.

META.2.0 the attempt of a metamorphosis of a hero to an heroine, of an ancient human being to a contemporary being, of an historical myth to a modern myth.

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