Solo Performance by Llewellyn Reichman

Here is Fool’s attempt at global demystification. With sardonic flair, Fool greets the world–an intersection of video and performance–to face its fate: inevitable destruction. Do we need such an adversary? An irreverent messenger, a nameless one, a sought-after friend, or a dreaded foe–he, she, it (Fool comes in many forms) unveils and dismantles the tacit bonds we subject ourselves to. Will Fool be able to clarify the self-made complexities we, Fool’s invited playmates and opponents, live within?
On stage: a face, a body, and a discourse, spring into being. Based on the fool from Shakespeare’s King Lear; inspired by Desiderius Erasmus’s In Praise of Folly; influenced by the lyrics from “Praise for Nothing,“ by Boris Mitic.

Who can tell me who I am? // Welcome to the pleasure dome!
Fear and time have stifled our impulses, so the story must be told.
A play in the game–for every beast.

Vavasati Festival 2019 in Pretoria, South Africa

Mamela Nyamza (curator) in conversation with Llewellyn Reichman.