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Photo Simon Hegenberg


An attempt at global demystification

Do we need the adversary? What defines the fool’s appearance, whether endorsing or opposing the world? The Messenger, the nameless one, the sought-after friend or dreaded foe.

Merrily the fool greets the world, his stage, while painfully reflecting upon its fate, the destruction of everything.

Who can tell me who I am ?

Welcome to the pleasure dome!

On stage a face, a body and a discourse spring into being. Based on the fool from Shakespeare’s King Lear, inspired by „Folly“, emerging from the quill of Erasmus von Rotterdam, and influenced by the lyrics from „Praise for Nothing“ by Boris Mitic.

Although with time the voice becomes stifled, the story must be told.

A play in the game - for every Beast.

Mamela Nyamza (curator) in conversation with Llewellyn Reichman at the Vavasati Festival 2019 in Pretoria, South Africa.